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Joy on my table

A simple vase cradling flowers
Whose names perfume the air in serenity

White roses, pink nasturtium
In a frame of pale green ferns
Fanning their patterned faces
Against the gray
Of an embroidered linen cloth
Where porcelain dishes sparkle
In the slices of sunshine
Floating in with the divine
Darting through a window pane

Porcelain in silver and blue 
Paint a promise of celebration
Against the table
Where a basket of bread 
Rivals with crystal goblets
Awaiting their ruby attire

All is silence in expectation of aromas 
Dancing into the colors and 
Sparkling light of my table 
Set for gustatory delight

A wild creature

I call him fluffy
Because of the panache
Of his tail
And the white duvet 
That blankets his belly
And when he stands on 
His hind legs
Holding a prized peanut
In his miniature hands
He seems drunk with a
Happiness I understand
Watching a feral creature
A squirrel conveying his bliss
Munching on a peanut
I leave for him to find
In exchange for the joy
This little wild being bestows
Upon my human heart